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Our Frequently Asked Questions


When does my trash need to be out?

Anything you want picked up needs to be at the curb by 6am on your pickup day. Very large or heavy piles may be subject to additional charges.

Note: If you have a large amount of extra trash, make sure it is located with your trash cans. Items not located by your trash can may cause our crew to err on the side of caution, in case it’s not really trash. We can always pick it up later, but we can’t get it back for you once it has been picked up.

What days do you work, and which holidays do you not work?

We work every day but Sunday. And we work every holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

If your normal pickup day falls on one of those three holidays, the following is your make-up schedule:

Thanksgiving (always Thursday): you will be picked up the following Saturday

Christmas/New Year’s Day falls on: You will be picked up on:


Do you offer recycling?

Yes, we do! Our no-sort recycling service comes with its own 65-gallon tote that will be picked up on the same day you have trash service. You do not need to sort your recyclables. Just rinse any food containers, and collapse any boxes.

We take plastic containers (#1-5 & 7), all metal cans, aluminum foil, paper, paperboard (cereal boxes), and corrugated cardboard. Things like tissues, paper towels, clothing, etc. are not accepted for recycling. Please call our office (402-488-6419) for a complete listing of what can and cannot be recycled.

Due to safety issues, and because our recycler does not process it, we DO NOT recycle glass.

When is Yard Waste service required?

The city of Lincoln prohibits grass and leaves from being dumped in the landfill between April 1st and November 30th. During this time, we will pick up your grass and leaves on Wednesdays. We often refer to this service as “Grass & Leaf” service, as these are the only two items that MUST be separated from normal trash from April thru November.

Large amounts of grass or leaves from Dec. 1 – March 30 may be subject to additional charges.

This is a separate service from trash, and we will bill this charge one time per year in either January or February. If you are enrolled in AutoPay, you may elect to have this cost spread out over the entire year rather than paying it all in Jan/Feb.

What qualifies as Yard Waste?

Only grass that you mow and leaves or pine needles that you rake need to be separated. These MUST be placed either in one of our totes, your trash cans, or in paper bags. They MAY NOT be placed in plastic trash bags. Soft plants or weeds may also be included with your grass & leaves, but are not required to be.

Woody brush or branches should be put out with your normal trash. They need to be cut to 4’ lengths and bundled with rope, twine, or duct tape. They can also be stored in your trash can as long as their length does not exceed 4’. Large amounts or unbundled piles of brush/branches may be subject to additional charges.

What kind of trash can should I use?

We strongly recommend using one or more of our 96-gallon totes. They are the equivalent of 3 standard trash cans, but only take up about ½ the floorspace. They are easy to move around, and our equipment is designed to easily dump them without damage to either the tote or our crew members. They are also less likely to blow over, and the attached lids will not go missing.

If you choose to provide your own can, it can be no larger than 35-gallon capacity. It should have no wheels, two handles, and a tight-fitting lid. Extra totes can be obtained for a minimal monthly charge.

Do you take furniture and carpet?

Yes, we do. We ask that carpet and padding be put into rolls that one person can lift (again, about 4’ in length). Please secure the rolls with duct tape, rope, twine, etc. Very large quantities may result in an additional charge.

Furniture can also be taken. If your furniture is in good condition, you may want to try setting it out a couple of days early to see if anyone else can make use of it rather than sending it to the landfill. Large quantities, or pieces that require more than one person to lift may result in additional charges.

Do you take appliances?

Generally, no. The landfill does not accept appliances. We are able to take microwaves, TVs, and water softeners that have been emptied. Large projection or console TVs may be subject to additional charges.

We strongly recommend that you have your old appliance hauled away when your new one is delivered. For DIY’ers, you can haul your old appliance to a recycler like Scrapy’s.

Do you take paint cans?

Yes, IF the lids are off and the contents are completely dried.

How can I pay my bill?

We accept checks, cashier’s checks or money orders with your bi-monthly statement.

You may enroll in AutoPay, which is an ACH debit from your bank account. This is one of the most secure methods of payment, and is the best if you want to “set it and forget it.” Just print our AutoPay form and send it in with a voided check. We will set up the rest. Please note: if you elect AutoPay, you will no longer receive statements in the mail.

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